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children these days...

So we're back at Eithel Sirion, and I've been giving some serious thought to the conversation I had with Fingon before leaving Gondolin:

Fingolfin: *looks to see if his son is around* Fingon?
Fingon: Hmm? *head in bag of caramel corn, shirtless but DOES Have pants on* Oh. Adar!
Fingon: *pulls self out of popcorn*
Fingolfin: *clears his throat* We need to have a little chat.
Fingon: *nodding*
Fingolfin: I've been hearing some interesting rumours about you again. I hope you'll be able to... clear some of them up for me. *said in a rather no-nonsense way*
Fingon: That's doable
Fingolfin: Good. I'd hate to have to hurt you after we'd just made up.
Fingolfin: Now explain to me why your cousin is living with you?
Fingon: Well a few reasons. He needed a place to live first of all, he's my best friend and it seemed only right. And he and Ame and I have lots of group sex
Fingolfin: ...excuse me?
Fingon: Well not THAT much
Fingolfin: *was NOT expecting that*
Fingon: but we have and do
Fingon: Actually it didn't start that way
Fingon: Because Ame and I weren't sure he'd be into that
Fingon: And then we got back to our incestual ways
Fingolfin: *somewhat stunned* You're completely serious, aren't you?
Fingon: Yes I am. I mean you knew of course that before there had been....instances
Fingolfin: I did. *slaps Fingon, HARD* And I'd hoped you'd figured out by now that I do not approve of such behaviour.
Fingolfin: At least you've learned to be honest.
Fingon: I had figured that yes.
Fingolfin: And now what do you expect me to do with you?! *very close to yelling*
Fingon: I'm not sure. Probably disown me again I suppose.
Fingon: Which I guess we knew WAS coming up again someday.
Fingon: Well in most people's eyes, it's that I like my relatives in that way and that I like to have sex. I think the problem is that I don't see it as anything wrong which does go against the grain, doesn't it?
Fingolfin: *sighs and rubs his temples* ...Just a -little-.
Fingolfin: Is it, at least, just Maedhros?
Fingon: Yes it is. Aside things you know of in the past
Fingon: *liaarr*
Fingolfin: *wants that lie enough to believe it, continues slowly, like he's pushing down a lot of anger* Why is it that nothing I've said or done to you has allowed you to see the wrongness of your choices this way?
Fingon: I think that for different people there are different personal standards
Fingolfin: And your adar's opinion means nothing to yours?
Fingon: It does and that is why I've resolved to try to keep it quiet in public
Fingon: so that you will not have to deal with it
Fingolfin: ...Is that truly the best I can expect from you on this situation?
Fingon: Well. I can't give him up. Well I suppose I COULD but I would be miserable
Fingon: *suspects that if this happened he may fade and doesn't want to try it out*
Fingolfin: *sort of figures he might mean something like that* Oh, for Mandos' sake, Fingon! *frustrated as he suspects his hands are tied*
Fingon: Yeeah
Fingolfin: *sighs* Come here, son. *holds his arms out to Fingon*
Fingolfin: I won't bite. *pauses* Or break any fingers.
Fingon: *goes over to hug him*
Fingolfin: *hugs Fingon tight* Why do you always chose the hardest battles?
Fingon: I Think this one chose ME
Fingolfin: Is it love? Truly?
Fingon: it is. *pauses* I didn't think I COULD love more than one person but..that seems to be what happened
Fingolfin: So you love Ameniel, as well? I was a little worried for her. *studies Fingon for a moment* How does she feel about all this?
Fingon: I do love her as well. *tries to think of an answer that isn't pornographic*
Fingolfin: *nods* Tell me something? This isn't because I've failed you some way, is it?
Fingon: What? *shocked* no
Fingolfin: *considers* I just can't figure out your mindset. I did everything I could think of to raise you properly.
Fingon: I know you did. This is...something else
Fingolfin: So it may seem. *crosses his arms*
Fingolfin: I am not certain what to do about... all this.
Fingon: *nods* It must be overwhelming for you
Fingolfin: Ideally, how would you like me to react to this?
Fingon: Ideally if you just sort of...treated us like things were normal
Fingon: and I will refrain from doing anything to indicate this in public
Fingolfin: I will speak with your naneth. We're heading back to Barad Eithel, but I will write when we decide what we'll do.
Fingon: *nodding*
Fingon: *pause* I'm so relieved this didn't end in us yelling
Fingolfin: I have this feeling that you just tune me out when I yell, anyway.
Fingon: >.>
Fingolfin: *raises an eyebrow*
Fingon: *hums innocently*
Fingolfin: Thought so. *pinches Fingon's ear* You should respect your father
Fingon: I do Adar, really
Fingon: It's why I didn't SAY anything
Fingolfin: *shakes his head* You infuriate me, sometimes.
Fingon: Isnt that my JOB?
Fingolfin: No, your job is to be a good and obedient child.

I do need to speak to An, still, but I'm finally starting to know how I feel about all of this... mess. I think. Why couldn't Eru have just blessed us with intelligent, obedient, and well-behaved children instead of my questionable troublemakers?

*sighs* I should find my lady-wife.

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