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Finwë Ñolofinwë (known as Fingolfin) ([personal profile] nolfin) wrote2008-08-14 07:33 am

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I've always found dawn to be the best time of day to enjoy the outdoors. As such, I took my horse out this morning for an early ride. As I was out, I noticed the coolness of the air and it occurred to me that we may not have much of this lovely summer weather left to enjoy. Most unfortunate, considering my dislike of winter. I know my children aren't terribly fond of it either. I suppose this is another reason for me to go visit them.

Speaking of family, my dear wife seems to have made a pet of the injured bird she found. It now sits on her shoulder and will eat from her hand. She hasn't named it yet, though I know once she does there'll be no getting rid of it. That woman is too soft-hearted at times.

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