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favours given and received

Fingolfin: Oh, for Aule's sake, woman, what are you doing?
Anaire: I thought the little castles could do that?
Fingolfin: Well, they -can- but now you've made it very easy for me to capture your queen.
Anaire: Right. Shall I move it back? *goes to do so*
Fingolfin: No. *grabs her hand* One touch rule, An.
Feanor: *knocking at their door* Hello?
Anaire: I do not understand all this... *hears the knock* Come in, please. *gives Fingolfin an annoyed glance*
Fingolfin: I'm just trying to improve your game, love. *kisses her hand quickly before they're joined*
Feanor: *enters the room with birdcage in hand* Hello...
Fingolfin: Ah, brother. Good to see you.
Anaire: *smiles* Ai! Is that my birdcage?
Feanor: *nods* Good to see you too. *to An, with a smile* Yes, finally finished!
Anaire: *gets up to see it* This is incredible. You always were very skilled. *lightly touches it*
Fingolfin: Women. *shakes his head*
Feanor:*bows* Thank you, my lady. I'm glad you're pleased.
Anaire: I can hardly wait to take it back to Barad Eithel. It will be the perfect home for my Linde.
Fingolfin: And I'm glad I don't have to hear the complaints any longer. *is teasing, though it'd be hard to tell if you didn't know him*
Anaire: *winks at him* I will find something new to complain about, husband.
Feanor: *chuckles at this exchange*
Anaire: Ignore your brother. It can be hard to believe your father taught you both the same manners. *blows Fingolfin a kiss* What do I owe you for your fine work, Feanoro?
Feanor: *shakes his head* Nothing, please. Consider it a gift.
Anaire: Truly? Thank you. *hugs him gently*
Fingolfin: Don't spoil her too much, it's my job. *smiles a bit, rising to go over to them*
Feanor: *surprised but hugs back* You're welcome. *to Fingolfin* I'll leave the spoiling up to you, brother.
Fingolfin: You do have your own wife to spoil. *tilts his head knowingly*
Feanor: Er. Yes. I suppose. If I knew where she was, or if she was talking to me.
Anaire: *takes the birdcage to set it carefully aside* Nerdanel? She is still at that? Silly girl.
Fingolfin: Find her. Make her talk to you. You love her, right?
Feanor: *nods, a bit uncomfortable* I do....
Fingolfin: *puts his hand on Feanor's shoulder* You won her heart once, I'm certain you can again. I mean, if -I've- been able to forgive what happened in Tirion, I'm sure she should be able to.
Anaire: *smiles, taking Fingolfin's free arm* I could try to find her, if it would help? Or perhaps ask your sons? I doubt they are happy seeing you separated.
Feanor: Well. Yes. I suppose? Though she seems disinclined to listen to me at all. And I don't know about our sons - they're all quite busy with their own problems. *to An* Maybe if you could at least convince her to talk to me?
Anaire: I can try. *looks to Fingolfin* We can.
Fingolfin: *nods* I think asking your sons, if they don't mind, would be the wisest. They'd have the most influence on her. *lightly kisses Anaire's hair*
Anaire: You both have to remember, though, she is a woman who has been hurt. She needs to feel valued again.
Feanor: I .... will most certainly value her. *considers* I just don't know about asking the boys. It feels odd, somehow.
Fingolfin: They're something you have in common. It could be a good bridge.
Feanor: *nods* I suppose that is true.
Anaire: *smiles and squeezes Fingolfin's arm* Remember the time we had that fight and you asked both the boys to bring me flowers for you? And then you sent Irisse with a letter of apology. That was sweet.
Fingolfin: We don't have fights, An, and I am not sweet. Hush, woman.
Anaire: *laughs*
Feanor: *smirks*
Fingolfin: Anyway. My point is your sons are all intellegent men and know your wife well. Why not rely on them to help you? They've always been loyal to you and they love you both.
Feanor: I... yes. That is true. I am just, you know, not good at asking for help.
Fingolfin: *slight smirk* I noticed. Perhaps you should demand they do it, instead?
Anaire: Nolofinwe. *pokes him* Inappropriate.
Fingolfin: *rolls his eyes*
Feanor: *wryly* Point taken, brother. But I have been trying to change my ways.
Anaire: I think she deserves to know that, too. *smiles* You are much more like the man I knew when I married your brother than you have been in a long time.
Fingolfin: Time and experience changes us all, though.
Feanor: *nods* True. Perhaps she has changed too much for me?
Fingolfin: Or you for her? You should find out, though, before giving up hope.
Feanor: Yes. Of course you're both right. I need to try.
Anaire: You do. *leans to kiss his cheek* I believe you two will get back together. You shared a great love, once.
Fingolfin: An does know a lot about great loves...
Feanor: *smiles at An* Yes, she obviously does, brother.
Fingolfin: *touches her hair affectionately* She's pretty wise, for a woman.
Anaire: I am wise, in general, husband. Do not forget that.
Feanor: Very wise. I have been taking your advice, regarding my sons. *pauses* Well, a few of them.
Anaire: Have you? How is that faring?
Fingolfin: *quirks an eyebrow* She gave you advice?
Feanor: Well, so far. And yes, she did. About talking to my sons, letting them know I was proud of them, and valued them.
Fingolfin: Ah. She tells me that all the time. I grow tired of it.
Anaire: It was nice to have a man listen to me. Perhaps I married the wrong brother? *teases Fingolfin*
Feanor: *grins* Well, so far, listening to you has been working out.
Anaire: Perhaps we all just need a spouse swap? *little grin*
snacky: (!!!!!)
Fingolfin: I'll -swap- you, wife. *whispers something in Anaire's ear*
Anaire: *laughs* I will behave. Stop it, husband.
Feanor: *embarrassed chuckle*
Fingolfin: *shakes his head* Forgive us, brother.
Anaire: Yes, Fingolfin cannot help being a misbehaved child.
Fingolfin: *lightly swats her bottom*
Anaire: Oh dear. *brings a hand to her mouth, mostly to hide her laughter*
Fingolfin:'re sure you want your wife back? *wry grin*
Feanor: *kind of wistful* I am sure, yes.
Fingolfin: *serious again* You'll win her back. You're a Finwean, act like it and take what you want.
Feanor: *thinks on that* Yes. You're right as well, brother. Thank you. I needed to remember that.
Anaire: We are behind you, of course. We want to see your family as happily reunited as ours has been.
Fingolfin: ...right. *remembers he has to talk to her about that -other- issue with their "happy" family*
Feanor: Yes, you do seem very happy. Everyone is well?
Fingolfin: *nods* And surprisingly well behaved. Only leads me to believe they're up to something.
Feanor: Always trouble when it's so quiet, eh?
Fingolfin: You've met my sons, right? *chuckles* Not that our girl is any better.
Anaire: Our children are not -that- bad, Nolfin. They just... have a few odd quirks sometimes.
Feanor: Oh, quirks, right. Yes, my sons have a few of their own. *grins*
Anaire: Your Makalaure has become quite the handful. *isn't overly fond of Maglor*
Fingolfin: Maedhros is more my concern. He makes some odd choices for such a smart man.
Feanor: Actually, I had a visit from Kanafinwe the other day, and she seems.... happy. A new friend, evidently. So I hope there's improvement there. *thinks* What is Nelyafinwe doing now?
Fingolfin: *pointedly* Our Fingon. Still.
Anaire: *blushes and looks away* We agreed not to discuss that, husband.
Feanor: Ah. Yes. Well, nothing new, at least?
Fingolfin: Not that I know of. I try not to get to involved with your sons, though.
Feanor: Probably a smart idea. Er. If it helps, I think that at least he and Fingon seem happy.
Anaire: That is why we have given them our permission to continue. *taking Fingolfin's hand* Some things are worth more than others.
Fingolfin: *nods and gives Anaire's hand a squeeze* I may not agree with the choice, but I fear the emotional consequences for them if we don't let them be together.
Feanor: *nods* Yes. Exactly.
Fingolfin: Our hands are tied. *shrugs*
Anaire: Perhaps with age they will change their feelings?
Feanor: I think they're pretty set in their feelings at this point, alas.
Fingolfin: Never hurts to hope.
Feanor: True. Time will tell, I suppose.
Anaire: As it does with all things.
Fingolfin: Thankfully, we've got a lot of it.
Feanor: Yes, thankfully indeed.