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Finwë Ñolofinwë (known as Fingolfin) ([personal profile] nolfin) wrote2008-10-02 11:40 pm

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Turgon: *sighs, sucks it up, and finally goes to see ada*
Fingolfin: *sitting in his chamber, with a book*
Turgon: *knocks quietly* Adar?
Fingolfin: Come in, Turukano. Lock the door behind you.
Turgon: *does as instructed* Look, adar... *deep breath*
Fingolfin: I don't want to hear it.
Turgon: Adar, Fingon has things all out of proportion. It really wasn't that bad?
Fingolfin: Wasn't that bad?! *puts his book down and glares* If it wasn't that bad why didn't you tell me about it?
Turgon: Because I could handle it.
Fingolfin: Which is why you needed to lie about it? *rising from his chair*
Turgon: I didn't say anything because I knew you wouldn't understand!
Fingolfin: Wouldn't understand?! *takes Turgon's left hand in his hand, crushing it*
Turgon: OW! Fuck, adar. *trying not to cry though he knows the fingers are broken*
Fingolfin: You wanted pain? I can give you all you want.
Turgon: *gasps and pulls his hand back, cradling it* I don't -want- pain, adar. And it's not going to happen again. It stopped before Fingon even told you.
Fingolfin: I don't believe you.
Turgon: But I'm telling the truth.
Fingolfin: Are you? It's so hard to tell.
Turgon: Yes. *trying very hard not to glare at Fingolfin*
Fingolfin: Funny, I still don't believe you.
Turgon: Adar! I'm a grown man, I can make my own decisions!
Fingolfin: *backhands Turgon* Don't give me your lip. If you want me to treat you as an adult, you should act like one! As far as I can tell, you're still playing king.
Turgon: I'm not, adar. I AM king. *rubs his cheek*
Fingolfin: Funny how even your brother can see you're not.
Turgon: He doesn't know what he's talking about.
Fingolfin: No? Then how did your sister and his wife also know about your cuts?
Turgon: It just... *sighs* Look, ada, it started as a way to protect Fingon and just got a little out of hand.
Fingolfin: Things always seem to get "out of hand" when I leave you alone. If you can't be responsible, than I will treat you like you need supervision.
Turgon: What?
Fingolfin: You heard me. You now have a curfew. Every night at 10pm and every morning at 10am you will report to me. When I have left town again, you will report to your brother. Am I understood?
Turgon: Adar! You can't do that to me!
Fingolfin: I can and will, so shut up.
Turgon: .... *purses his lips*
Fingolfin: Furthermore, if you don't make it to your check in I will hunt you down and there will be punishment involved. Am I understood.
Turgon: *mutters* Fine.
Fingolfin: TURUKANO!?
Turgon: Yes, sir, adar.
Fingolfin: Good. Now get out of my sight.
Turgon: *bows his head and leaves quickly*

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