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Fingolfin: Findekano.
Fingon: Adar?
Fingolfin: We should talk.
Fingon: I agree.
Fingolfin: Have you been made aware of your brother's punishment, yet?
Fingon: No I haven't actually.
Fingolfin: He has a curfew. He has to check in with me twice a day. However, I am planning to leave in a few days. I'm hoping you'd be willing to take over in that?
Fingon: I would be definitely. *pause* I'm not sure if he'll actually follow through with me...I'll have to track his movements and pop in on my own I think
Fingolfin: I won't give him a choice.
Fingon: Well then, I'm definitely willing
Fingolfin: Thank you. I've been checking his sides every day. I think he's getting a little annoyed with me. *small smirk, this is exactly what he wants*
Fingon: *smirks back* Oh dear. I will have to do the same
Fingolfin: I'm proud of you, by the way, for bringing it up. And your woman was good to stand up with you as she did.
Fingon: She was *smiling* I'm not sure how we managed to find each other but...I'm so grateful we DID
Fingolfin: I vaguely recall guilty confessions involving nudity and fountains?
Fingon: *laughs* Well there WERE those
Fingolfin: *nods* Have I ever told you how I met your nana?
Fingon: No you haven't *smile*
Fingolfin: Well, I won't bore you with all the details, but we met while I was working in my office. She thought I was inexcusably rude.
Fingon: Oh dear. How did that GO?
Fingolfin: I married her, didn't I? It just took a few more meetings to prove to her it was all misunderstanding.
Fingon: *smiles* this sounds interesting
Fingolfin: You wouldn't like the story, it involves broken bones and office sex. *teasing a bit, but definitely is NOT going to tell more at this point in time*
Fingon: Ohhh....Oh maybe NOT
Fingolfin: Oh, your nana wants to know if you're coming to that dinner of hers. I swear, she's made eight different desserts for it.
Fingon: I'll be there
Fingolfin: Good. Make sure your sister is sitting between you and I. I suspect someone is giving her a hard time.
Fingon: <.< I can arrange that
Fingolfin: Any ideas who? It's not Turgon, is it?
Fingon: No no...I know she did ask me for some self defense lessons. I agreed to teach her but Im going to keep it you know, to a safe level. Maybe I can get it out of her during those
Fingolfin: *nods* I worry, though, that she might -try- something if she knows how.
Fingon: *nodding* that's why Im not going to go overboard
Fingolfin: Good.

Fingolfin: *notices how late it is and goes to check on his wife* An, love?
Anaire: *busy in the kitchen, preparing for her family feast* Oh, husband. Can you reach that platter for me? *points*
Fingolfin: This one? *takes one down*
Anaire: No, the other one with it.
Fingolfin: Ah. *takes the right one and hands it to her*
Anaire: My thanks. *sets it down and starts placing tarts on it*
Fingolfin: You should rest, An. *helps her out* Most of this can wait until the morning, anyway.
Anaire: I know, I just worry so. Everything must be done just right.
Fingolfin: My wife. *takes her hands so she can't do anything else, and pulls her against him* You know what you're doing. I know you've got everything under perfect control. Relax.
Anaire: *small smile* Is that not what I usually say to you?
Fingolfin: It is. *nods, releases her hands so he can tilt her head up and kiss her softly*
Anaire: *lets her hands settle around his waist and kisses him back*
Fingolfin: That's better already. *smiles and strokes her cheek* Now come to bed, my lovely one.
Anaire: Only if you agree to assist with preparations in the morning.
Fingolfin: I will, An. But you need to be relaxed and rested to host tomorrow.
Anaire: I do suppose you are right, my husband.
Fingolfin: I usually am. *kisses her again, slowly and thoroughly*
Anaire: *sighs against his lips, tugging him closer*
Fingolfin: Come, my dear. *pulls away and takes her arm to lead her to their room*
Anaire: Yes. *walks with him, holding on to his arm affectionately* I could do this every night.
Fingolfin: *locks the door of their room once they arrive and leads her to the bed* You do, darling.
Anaire: Oh, that works out well, then.
Fingolfin: I knew it would. *starts unlacing her dress*
Anaire: So wise, my husband, and so handsome.
Fingolfin: Now I'm beginning to think you are in love with me, young lady. *teasing her, leans in to kiss her deeply as he slowly pushes her dress down*
Anaire: No idea why. *wraps her arms around his neck and kisses*
Fingolfin: *softly, more seriously* I love you, Anaire, let me show you again how much.
Anaire: Always, Nolofinwe, I am gladly your wife.