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Turgon: *approaches his parents as they're finishing their packing* Adar, may I have a moment alone? Sorry, nana.
Fingolfin: *looks to Anaire and nods*
Anaire: *smiles* I will prepare a lunch for our trip, in the kitchens. I shall be back in half of an hour. *leaves*
Fingolfin: *seriously, once she's out of earshot* What is it, Turukano?
Turgon: *standing straight, like a soldier* I refuse to go see Fingon once you leave, adar.
Fingolfin: You refuse?
Turgon: I'm a man grown. I respect your authority as my king and my adar but I don't think you have the right to govern my whole life.
Fingolfin: Is that so?
Turgon: It is. *fighting to keep the tremors out of his voice* Furthermore, I feel I was unjustly punished in this case, as I had stopped the action before it even came to your attention.
Fingolfin: *very quiet, studying Turgon*
Turgon: I... *not sure, feels he should fill the silence* I think you're a control freak. You need to let me live my own life. Not just me. Fingon, too.
Fingolfin: *moves closer to Turgon, maintaining his silence*
Turgon: ...Adar? *really concerned now*
Fingolfin: *slowly, scarily calm* You think I interfere too much with your life and feel I should back away?
Turgon: Er. Yes, sir.
Fingolfin: *simply* Alright.
Turgon: ...Alright?
Fingolfin: *nods* Yes. However, Fingon is my favourite and heir again for the moment.
Turgon: Of course, adar, sir.
Fingolfin: *small smile* You've been aching to tell me that for some time, haven't you?
Turgon: I have, yes. Ada, I'm sorry, but you really do need to fuck off. We haven't been children for thousands of years. Even my daughter is old enough to start thinking about children.
Fingolfin: Ah, much less formal when you realize I at least partly agree with you.
Turgon: You're much less terrifying when I know you won't yell.
Fingolfin: I suppose I am.
Turgon: Do you really mean you'll back off a little?
Fingolfin: I will. But you better not be doing anything else as fucked up as this cutting thing.
Turgon: I won't, adar. And please stop having your... knight or whatever look into that. He's going to get himself hurt if he bothers Kana too much.
Fingolfin: I'm sorry, I needed to know you were telling the truth. Considering what a known liar you are.
Turgon: I don't lie to you, ada. Well, most of the time.
Fingolfin: *arches an eyebrow* Unless you fear getting in trouble, you mean.
Turgon: yes.
Fingolfin: *rolls his eyes and offers his hand* Be well, little boy. Don't stay angry at your brother for too long.
Turgon: Yes, ada. *goes to take Fingolfin's hand, but pulls him into a hug instead* Thank you for understanding.
Fingolfin: You thought I wouldn't? *light hug back* I expect your mother will drag us back here for the winter festival, if the roads aren't too bad. So I will see you then. But remember to write to me until then. I want to know exactly how you are and what's going on.
Turgon: *nods* I'll be okay, ada. I promise.
Fingolfin: I'm holding you to that.
Turgon: *grins* Yes, sir. *slight bow and leaves his father to finish packing*

Now where is my woman? We're running late.