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What is it about women that makes us want them so? Is it their tender hands? Their soft lips? Or perhaps their gentle lies? There's truly something to be said about the way she curls her mouth just so when she knows you can't deny her, or the look in her eye that shows just how idiotic she thinks you are. The curve of her hips, the slant of her spine, even the little way she has of favouring one side.

These are all things that can drive a man wild. However, I think what really gets us is the way she breathes.

And that is why I am married. There is only one woman I need ever worry about, and I know I captured the sanest of the lot. Still, at times she can drive me mad. Her current obsession? Decorating Barad Eithel for the winter festival (which is still a good month away, Eru) and making plans for some sort of party or other... I do worry. A lot. I will have to have a talk with my woman, once I've finished my correspondence.

*sits down to pen a couple of letters*

Our dearest daughter;
     Our apologies for not stopping for a proper farewell before departing Gondolin. I figured since I know we'll be back for another visit soon enough that it wasn't a big deal.

     You will have to write and tell us all about your trip with your brother. Knowing our Turu, he's probably spending all the time off he has trying to nap.

     Take care of him, and yourself. We will see you soon.

     ada (& nana)

     You've stolen Turgon's pens? What a delightful prank. I'm sure he'll be quite puzzled when he returns to find that. And how is it Kanafinwe has had her child? I thought she was only three or four months along. Some sort of Valar-trick?

     Anaire is doing quite well, though she seems far too eager for the winter festival. I think she may have finished buying gifts for the entire (and I do mean ENTIRE) family by now. On the plus side, at least I don't have to worry about any of that as she always says the gifts are from "us".

     Now, for your secret missions? I have three for you. And I expect full reports with exact detail on how they are accomplished.

     1: Completely switch the contents of two rooms of your uncle Curufin's house before he notices. And tell me his reaction when he does.

     2: Find out from Kanafinwe how often her child eats, and how many hours she sleeps.

     3: Visit my son Fingon and ask him what his greatest desire is.

     It is important in all of these cases, of course, to remember that you can not mention that it was my idea or that I want this information for it will change the results of what you get. Take your time, of course, and have fun.

With love,

To my son, Fingon,
     I suppose I should formally tell you that I've decided to make you favourite/heir once more. You've truly proven your caring nature and your sense of duty and responsibility in the recent events with your brother. Please keep it up.

With respect,