nolfin: (my lady)
Finwë Ñolofinwë (known as Fingolfin) ([personal profile] nolfin) wrote2009-01-17 10:01 pm

meanwhile, elsewhere in Gondolin...

Glorfindel: Sir, will these be good? *grins as he sets down the luggage he's carrying for them*

Fingolfin: *looks around the house a bit* I believe so. What do you say, wife?

Anaire: I adore it. *smiles* It is most excellent.

Glorfindel: Great. *another grin* I'll leave you to settling in.

Fingolfin: My thanks. *puts a hand on Glorfindel's shoulder* You're a good man, Glor.

Glorfindel: I try. *bows and departs*

Anaire: *sets down the bag she's carrying and goes over to Fingolfin, hugging him tightly* Thank you. I know you had no great desire to live here, again, so thank you for accepting it on my account.

Fingolfin: Hush. *kisses her forehead* You should've said something sooner.

Anaire: Forgive me, my lord husband, I did not realize I would want it sooner.

Fingolfin: Forgiven. Now, let's start deciding how we want our new house to be.

Anaire: Oh, yes! Let us!

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