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Fingolfin: *decides it's time to go inform his older brother that he's in town, stops in on his workshop* Feanor?

Feanor: *looks up from his work* Oh, hey. Come in.

Fingolfin: Brother. *polite nod* I thought I should warn you that An and I have returned to the city, probably just for a year or two.

Feanor: *subdued* Really, what brought that on?

Fingolfin: *shrugs* You know my wife. *moves closer* Something happened?

Feanor: One of my sons is dead. It appears to be murder.

Fingolfin: Ah. *had heard some rumours about someone being dead, but...* Are you alright? *lightly puts a hand on Feanor's shoulder*

Feanor: *shrugs* Nel is blaming me.

Fingolfin: Do you agree with her? *raises an eyebrow* This isn't -my- brother, letting some woman tell you what to be.

Feanor: I have made some ..... rather bad choices. And lead my sons - my family down some bad paths.

Fingolfin: Agreed. However, they chose to follow you.

Feanor: Yes, but.... I didn't give them much choice.

Fingolfin: Or me. *pointedly*

Feanor: *shakes his head* I know.

Fingolfin: Good. Since we've both acknowledged the past, how about we focus on now?

Feanor: *shortly* He was evidently a drunken sniper.

Fingolfin: He's well grown and more than capable of making his own decisions. *tilts his head* So are you. Shouldn't be with your family, not alone?

Feanor: *eyes* I'm not alone. And last I checked, you're family.

Fingolfin: You know what I mean. If I hadn't come, you would have been alone.

Feanor: Nel has a restraining order on me. If I go there, she'll have me arrested.

Fingolfin: Now you're making excuses.

Feanor: *shakes his head* No, I'm just stating facts.

Fingolfin: If you really wanted to be there, no order, no guard, nothing would stop you.

Feanor: *sighs* I'm tired of arguing all the time.

Fingolfin: So you surrender?

Feanor: No, not yet. Am just retreating and regrouping.

Fingolfin: Is there a plan? A goal?

Feanor: *shrugs* Wait until she hates me less.

Fingolfin: ...good plan. *chuckles slightly* Are you doing anything to encourage that along? Sending gifts? Doing the right things? You know, they say that even if you don't see a woman, she's often watching you.

Feanor: I think the idea of arresting me is still a little too close to be sending gifts.

Fingolfin: Send harmless things. Flowers, cakes. ...apology notes.

Feanor: can't hurt to try, I suppose.

Fingolfin: No. Women like to be reminded that they're the centre of your world. Whether it's true or not.

Feanor: *nods* Although at this point, I'm not even sure what I should be apologizing for.

Fingolfin: Hmmn. Good point. Better stick with other things.

Feanor: Flowers should be safe, I think.

Fingolfin: *nods* I think so.

Feanor: I'll think of something.

Fingolfin: I'm sure you will. You're nearly as wise as I am.

Feanor: *arches an eyebrow* Nearly, hmm?

Fingolfin: *nods*

Feanor: *just smiles to himself*

Fingolfin: No offence, brother, but you have made far larger and worse mistakes than I have.

Feanor: *chuckles* Fair enough, I suppose.

Fingolfin: Though you do have much knowledge. I won't begrudge you that. I'm sure the stones tell you many a secret.

Feanor: *nods* Perhaps too many, sometimes.

Fingolfin: You know so much about them, is there room left to know about the rest of us?

Feanor: Well. I'm hoping so.

Fingolfin: *slight smirk* I guess we'll have to see.

Feanor: *wryly* We will, won't we?

Fingolfin: I, for one, would like to see how things work, in the long wrong.

Feanor: I'll make sure to guide you. *smirking now*

Fingolfin: *raises an eyebrow* Things no longer work like that. Or have you forgotten where the kingship lies?

Feanor: *gives him a look* I assure you, brother, that there is very little I have forgotten. But I am learning I have a fondness for things that take place behind the scenes.

Fingolfin: Ah, of course. So do I.

Feanor: And there are areas where you might be able to use my wisdom. *shrugs* Just saying.

Fingolfin: Perhaps. One can never know too much.

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