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Finwë Ñolofinwë (known as Fingolfin) ([personal profile] nolfin) wrote2009-02-19 11:35 am

I will need a soothing tea after all this noise.

We had a rather curious visitor this morning. I must admit, it's not often a son of Feanor comes to me for advice. Especially not Maglor, of all people.

Maglor: *deep breath, knocks*

Fingolfin: *answers the door a short time later* Kanafinwe? This is a surprise. How can I help you?

Maglor: Uncle. *polite nod* I have a question for you, if I may.

Fingolfin: Sure. *steps back to allow her in*

Maglor: *enters the apartment and looks around a bit noticing her mother on one of the couches* ...Nana?! Why are you here?

Nerdanel: *looks up from the book she's reading and smile* Makalaure, when'd you get back? I been staying wit' yer aunt and uncle as protection or somesuch.

Maglor: Oh. *quiet for a moment, thoughtful* Well, I suppose you should hear what I wish to ask, anyway.

Fingolfin: Proceed, child, now that you have us all curious.

Maglor: I want to ask about the legality of two men marrying.

Fingolfin: As in, is it legal? I certainly don't see it as a problem. Though, you aren't a man presently, either.

Nerdanel: Are ya thinkin' about finally marryin' that Ecthelion, Makalaure? He's a good lad, he is.

Maglor: *blushes a bit* Maybe, nana. I guess... I need to ask your permission for that too, uncle Nolo, since you're the closest he has to a parent here.

Fingolfin: *shakes his head* Don't ask me, ask him.

Maglor: Oh, I plan to. *smirks*

Nerdanel: You might wanna get yer adar's permission to wed, too.

Maglor: I... *loses her good mood* I'd rather not. I can't speak to adar right now.

Nerdanel: Really, Makalaure, if yer still bein' moody about 'im sleepin' with that boy, I ain't gonna be pleased with ya. He has m'blessin' to do it.

Maglor: He what?!

Nerdanel: Ya dunna think I'm so cruel to deny your adar a wee bit o' happiness, do ya? I certainly cannot do it for 'im right now, so why shouldn't 'e be with another?

Maglor: I can't believe you, nana. You're supposed to be married. Together. I would skin anyone who thought to have an affair with my Lio.

Fingolfin: And then you wouldn't let the poor boy out of your sight for a century, knowing you. *puts a hand on Maglor's shoulder* Nephew, you need to learn to let things go when they are beyond your control.

Nerdanel: An' ta forgive. *shakes her head at her child*

Maglor: This is shit! *shrugs away from Fingolfin* I have every right to be angry.

Nerdanel: Makalaure, watch yerself.

Maglor: Nana, I don't get you. If I'm supposed to be so like you, does that mean my marriage is doomed to fail, too?

Nerdanel: It ain't like that at all. Yer Lio ain't like yer adar. And ya ain't me, either.

Fingolfin: *looks between them, raising an eyebrow* You should go, Kanafinwe. I will not have you upsetting my house guest.

Maglor: Fine. Fine! I'm so glad everyone cares about everyone else more than me. *turns and storms off*

Nerdanel: *sighs and looks over to Fingolfin* I dunna know what's wrong with that girl. It's like she gained the worst o' her adar's temper in the time we was apart.

Fingolfin: She's a harp who's had her strings pulled so tight they snap.

Nerdanel: So it seem. *frowns thoughtfully* I should warn Feanaro 'bout her bein' back, most likely.

Fingolfin: Yes. You probably should. *slightest hint of a smirk playing on his lips* I'm surprised you didn't ask to stay with my brother instead of us, during this time.

Nerdanel: *blushes a bit, realizing she's been caught* I did try ta hint, but he didna pick up on it. Besides, it ain't like that. I'm startin' to forgive 'im, but there's lots left to fix between us two. And don't you go sayin' a word, young man.

Fingolfin: *chuckles at that* Only you could get away with calling me that, Nel. But I promise, I won't say a thing. I know you two need to work things out for yourself, if at all. And I know he's done a lot that's hard to forgive. I'm pretty certain he loves you, though.

Nerdanel: He said it, but I still ain't so completely convinced yet. Even if he do, it might still be better ta be apart.

Fingolfin: True. It might.

Nerdanel: Still, I be happier if Makaluare didna tear Feanaro apart...

Feanorians can be such a headache.