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Finwë Ñolofinwë (known as Fingolfin) ([personal profile] nolfin) wrote2009-03-26 10:04 pm

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Despite the brightening of the days as spring approaches, there seems to be a scent of darkness in the air. I wonder what may be coming? But I keep my thoughts to myself on this. For now. Well, as much as I can...

Anaire: Husband. What keeps you up at this hour? Come to bed.

Fingolfin: *looks up from the book he's writing in* Sorry, love. I'm just putting down some thoughts for myself.

Anaire: Why not share them with me, instead? *goes over next to his chair and wraps her arms around his shoulders*

Fingolfin: *takes her hand to kiss it* There's no need to worry you with my unfounded fears.

Anaire: Your fears are rarely unfounded, husband.

Fingolfin: That's true. *nuzzles her hand* Still.

Anaire: As long as you will tell me, once you are certain.

Fingolfin: I always do, my wife. Do you doubt me? *looks up at her*

Anaire: No, I trust you. I always trust you, my lord husband, I could not love you if I did not.

Fingolfin: Good. *closing his book and setting aside his pen*

Anaire: Will you come now to bed, then? Or are there other matters that need keep you up?

Fingolfin: Nothing more important than you, though I think there are things I should look to.

Anaire: Can I help?

Fingolfin: You do just by being mine, An. *pulls her down into his lap and hugs her*

Anaire: *returns his embrace* It always pleases me to be that. Now come to bed. There is nothing that cannot wait for the morrow.

Fingolfin: That, I suppose, is true.

Anaire: *nods and rises, taking his hands to lead him*

Fingolfin: *goes with*