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Stars and Storms (a playlist for the old noldo)

the assurance, I gained through my own will, stings
I won't be quiet and wait for the string any longer

Calm Soul by speena

Yeah you know I would stay alone
Yes I would if I could stay at home
Don't you know I would if I could

Would if I Could by Melissa Auf de Maur

Only if I lied, could I love you
Nothin' of our lives could we share
Only could we try to get by, on a sigh
Just because just this once, I was there

Surely by Supertramp

Today is a day that in particular
I seem to be smiling and laughing quite a lot
I just had a dream and in it you had died
And i had no choice then but to love you
Do not think to abandon or ever leave me

Salle de Bain by Shiina Ringo

I gotta know that your heart beats fast and
I gotta know I'm the only one for you
what have I become?
I'm a fucking monster
When all I wanted was something beautiful

Monster by Meg Myers

You think you see me
And everything that you consider me
You think I'm more than you
You think you see me
You like the way I'm strong and stand by you
But I am fragile too

Fragile by Kerli

The mirrors in the room go black and blue
On a Sunday morning in her Saturday shoes
We don't choose who we love
We don't choose

Cold Roses by Ryan Adams

I caught your face in the reflection
I thought I recognized the corner of your smile
A tired light from your direction
That will keep me in the meanwhile

Too Late To Turn Back Now by Hem

Now is not the time to play
You lost something
Just start looking

It's another rainy day... for you
Another rainy day in the sun

Another Rainy Day in the Sun by Room Eleven

On competing
Oh, when will this tired heart stop beating?
It's all a game
Existence is only a game
And I'm
Not sorry for
For the things I've done

I'm Not Sorry by Morrissey

It is telling me that
I can not escape
It is telling me that
I can not forget
Just like a broken record, repeating it to me
You're getting my attention
It makes me weary

Cut Me Free by OLIVIA

Here in the shadows
I am pursued
Until the ends of the earth

The Cape of Storms by HYDE

One day your story will be told
One of the lucky ones who's made his name
One day they'll make you glorious
Beneath the lights of your deserved fame

One of the Brightest Stars by James Blunt

Oh you delicate heart
Sometimes it feels hard to live
The rain keeps on falling so hard
I forgot that I had some to give

Oh You Delicate Heart by Hawksley Workman

This western call
This too shall fall
These northern skies
These too shall rise
This way you feel
This too shall heal

This Too Shall Pass by Justin Rutledge

And I realize, that I've lost my mind
And I realize, that I am the lie
It's over, my time to shine
I'm already dead, so why can't I die

I Realize by Megan McCauley

If you feel better
Telling me I'm cruel
Saying I'm unfeeling
I don't mind
If it's necessary
If it helps you out
Crying that I'm heartless
It's alright

If You Feel Better by Emilie Autumn

Stop being so hard on yourself
It's not good for your health
I know that you can change
So clear your head and come round
You only have to open your eyes

Shine by Take That

Fill your heart with smoke
And the first thing that you want
Will be the last thing you ever need
Thats how you fight it
Just smile all the time

How to Fight Loneliness by Wilco

It's such a fight
'Cause every window I pass
Keeps reflecting visions of your face

Like a Spider's web
Weaving me round and round again
Will it let go, can I clear my head

The Empty Bed by Mick Ronson

So tired, it's the sky that makes you feel tried
It's a trick to make you see wide
It can all but break your heart, in pieces

The Prettiest Star by David Bowie

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