Jan. 25th, 2008

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Some jerkass told me today that they thought I was vain. Me? Vain?

Obviously, he never knew my father, Finwë. (His name, by the way, pretty much means "the one with the hair". Seriously. The. One. With. The. Fucking. Hair. And was he ever proud of that hair.)

Finwë is such a vain fucker that he named all three of us, his sons, after himself! Fëanor is just a nickname. His real name is Finwë Curufinwë. (Skilled Finwë, though far as I can tell the only things that fucker has ever been particularly skilled at would be hitting things and fucking things up.)

I was named Finwë Ñolofinwë. (Wise Finwë. Which is true enough since I'm wise to this fuckery!) Which was shortened to Fingolfin after I got to this shore by the Sindar who couldn't be arsed to say my full name.

And our brother was named Finwë Arafinwë. (Noble Finwë. Clearly mother simply couldn't think of anything nice to say about him, so he just got stuck with the generic name for those of royal blood.) At least I can laugh that the Sindar did the same thing to his name as mine, so I get to call him Finarfin.

See? My father is the vainest fuck that ever lived. Ever. So don't anyone dare to say that to me again, or Ringil will be getting a new sheath, savvy?


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