Mar. 25th, 2008

nolfin: (quiet)
Fingolfin: *wanders his way over to Feanor's workshop and knocks at the door* Brother?
Feanor's workshop doors: *shudder slightly as several stilettos thud into it*
Feanor: Sorry. Come on in.
Fingolfin: *opens the door, that eyebrow of his going up at the knives* You're a bit on edge.
Feanor: People raping my children tends to do that. *goes back to sharpening his blade*
Fingolfin: I can imagine. I'm surprised you haven't done anything about it, yet.
Feanor: I was waiting to talk to you. I don't want bad blood between us.
Fingolfin: Fair enough.
Feanor: Besides, revenge is a dish best served with a side of surprise.
Fingolfin: I think you're just dragging it out too far, though. He's not the only one suffering from your sense of suspense.
Feanor: Better that than risk a greater rift between us. I do admit I was hoping to see something akin to remorse in your son.
Fingolfin: Are you kidding? He's willing to bow before you and let you do anything you want to him.
Feanor: I still believe that given the chance to do it again, he would. And that cannot go unpunished.
Fingolfin: I agree. Do what you will. I've disowned him for a reason.
Feanor: You actually agree with me? *little half smile* pity it took something like this to do that.
Fingolfin: Certain matters of morals are more important than any differences we may have.
Feanor: ... would you like to help? I have more than enough knives
Fingolfin: I... *considers* No, it's really your right. Just don't kill the moron.
Feanor: that is not my right.
Fingolfin: Justice for wrongs against your child? Or murder?
Feanor: Murder, mostly.
Fingolfin: Ah. I can remember a time when you'd have insisted it was. *looks Feanor over* You've changed.
Feanor: I appear to have come back from the dead. I've lost everything that used to define me. Change is how I must survive now.
Fingolfin: So it seems. Perhaps there may still be a chance for a reconciliation between us, then. Eventually.
Feanor: I'd hope so. *kind of awkward smile and a pause* ...Sure you don't want a knife?
Fingolfin: I... can't. *shakes his head* I could never use a blade against my own child, disowned or not.
Feanor: I understand. Should I leave a bone or two unbroken for you? *half-joking*
Fingolfin: That's alright. Like I said, you deserve your revenge for what he did.


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