Apr. 13th, 2008

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An and I were going through some of the old family portraits I'd brought here today, and it got me thinking about my children when they were young.

Fingon, as a boy, was very adventurous. He was always out and about on his little "quests" and would always come home with some new cut or bruise or something. And then he discovered his older cousins. Fefe and I were still geting on, then. And four of his were older than Fingon. (Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, and Caranthir.) Caranthir was only a few years older than Fingon, so we all figured those two would become friends. But, no, not my son.

He started following Maedhros around everywhere. Must have been the red hair or something. I always felt bad for poor Maedhros, since his brother Maglor was already following him around and then there was my idiot boy as well. Still, it seems they became close in the end. Perhaps a little too close...

Turgon, on the other hand, was a very quiet and serious child. He liked to go off and play games on his own. Or with his cousin Finrod, as they were close in age. Some of his favourite things to do were building - with blocks when he was younger and then learning to forge once he got a bit older - and writing. He even had this strange game where he'd sit by himself with stacks of paper as if working in an office. It was very cute.

Looking back, I guess it's easy to see how they've grown up to what they are now.

And then there was Aredhel. She was more like Fingon than Turgon, always off and about, though she usually managed to stay out of trouble. Possibly because Artanis was often wither her. Also, Celegorm took a liking to her early on and often watched after the both of them when they went off. So that was always nice.

My boys, of course, took Ara's boys under their wings. Which was good considering that Ara's kids spent about 80% of their time at our house. So, yes, the Nolofinwe household in Tirion was always a loud and busy place. It's actually kind of sad how quiet Barad Eithel is in comparison. Sometimes I miss the chaos. And then I remember all the times I had to deal with a broken nose, or one of the boys lying about the other one breaking a lamp or their mother's favourite plates, and I don't miss it quite so much. ...though those were pretty bloody funny, too.

Though, I've got grandchildren now. Well. Grandchild and a future grandchild. But Idril's old enough that she might even have children soon. That's a little scary. Though it would be nice, too. A whole new generation to frighten into behaving. I can hardly wait.


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