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Finwë Ñolofinwë (known as Fingolfin) ([personal profile] nolfin) wrote2008-04-25 08:51 pm

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I was watching Kanafinwe again today, taking my turn after Fingon, and the oddest thing happened...

Maglor: *tiptoes out of her room to see who's watching her*
Fingolfin: *is sitting in her parlour, knitting*
Maglor: ...Uncle Nolo?
Fingolfin: *looks up* Yes, Kanafinwe?
Maglor: *cuddles into his lap, snuggling close, as she hadn't done since being a child*
Fingolfin: *surprised at suddenly having a lapful of neph-nie-- Maglor but carefully puts his arms around her* Something wrong, Kana?
Maglor: *sniffles* Everything.
Fingolfin: What can I do? *feeling more than a little awkward but attempts to comfort*
Maglor: Hold me. You're one of the only ones who understands how dirty he is. *starts sobbing against his shoulder*
Fingolfin: *sort of knows what she's talking about* I'm sorry, Kanafinwe, I truly am. *pets*
Maglor: *just cries*

She just cried herself to sleep. Perhaps it's partly pregnancy hormones, but I know she has every right to be as upset as she is. It really made me think, though. I never tried to help her right at the time, since Kanafinwe and I have not gotten along in a few centuries, but I'm beginning to realize that perhaps she's been hurt as much by our lack of action as by what Fingon has done to her. I disowned him, and her father brutalized him, but did anyone do anything for her? I think Turgon may have done a little, but I'm not sure it was enough.

*sighs, rubbing his temples* I need to talk to An on this. And Feanor.

...and Fingon. I should speak to him about this. If Feanor and I are finally starting to make amends, we cannot have something like this splitting the family apart again. Perhaps it's time for him to prove himself by helping her? It's so foolish it may actually work.