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You know, I think it's about time I disown both my sons and declare Artaher as my heir.

It just makes sense. ) It really, really, makes sense. How would you feel about that, Artaher?
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I just saw a most curious paper:

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

I wonder what product it is that is written about? And if it actually would work? And where it comes from? I've never seen such things here.
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Despite the brightening of the days as spring approaches, there seems to be a scent of darkness in the air. I wonder what may be coming? But I keep my thoughts to myself on this. For now. Well, as much as An allows me to. )
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We had a rather curious visitor this morning. I must admit, it's not often a son of Feanor comes to me for advice. Especially not -this- son of Feanor... )

Feanorians can be such a headache.
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Fingolfin: *decides it's time to go inform his older brother that he's in town, stops in on his workshop* Feanor?

Feanor: *looks up from his work* Oh, hey. Come in.

Fingolfin: Brother. *polite nod* I thought I should warn you that An and I have returned to the city, probably just for a year or two.

Feanor: *subdued* Really, what brought that on?

Fingolfin: *shrugs* You know my wife. *moves closer* Something happened?

Feanor: One of my sons is dead. It appears to be murder.

Fingolfin: Ah. *had heard some rumours about someone being dead, but...* Are you alright? *lightly puts a hand on Feanor's shoulder*

Feanor: *shrugs* )

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Glorfindel: Sir, will these be good? *grins as he sets down the luggage he's carrying for them*

Fingolfin: *looks around the house a bit* I believe so. What do you say, wife?

Anaire: I adore it. *smiles* It is most excellent.

Glorfindel: Great. *another grin* I'll leave you to settling in.

Fingolfin: My thanks. *puts a hand on Glorfindel's shoulder* You're a good man, Glor.

Glorfindel: I try. *bows and departs*

Anaire: *sets down the bag she's carrying and goes over to Fingolfin, hugging him tightly* Thank you. I know you had no great desire to live here, again, so thank you for accepting it on my account.

Fingolfin: Hush. *kisses her forehead* You should've said something sooner.

Anaire: Forgive me, my lord husband, I did not realize I would want it sooner.

Fingolfin: Forgiven. Now, let's start deciding how we want our new house to be.

Anaire: Oh, yes! Let us!

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As weird as it is to say, I think I actually miss my children. I guess it's just that Barad Eithel is so quiet and there's no one to yell at. Well, except servants and An. But I would never yell at my beautiful An, and we've trained all our servants so well that there's no need.

...I must be mad, missing that chaos. It's from being trapped inside so much, with all this snow. It has to be. I can't really miss it.

I need to get outside, but there's still so much snow, it'll be difficult. Oh well, my horse and I could use a good workout.
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What is it about women that makes us want them so? Is it their tender hands? Their soft lips? Or perhaps their gentle lies? There's truly something to be said about the way she curls her mouth just so when she knows you can't deny her, or the look in her eye that shows just how idiotic she thinks you are. The curve of her hips, the slant of her spine, even the little way she has of favouring one side.

These are all things that can drive a man wild. However, I think what really gets us is the way she breathes.

And that is why I am married. There is only one woman I need ever worry about, and I know I captured the sanest of the lot. Still, at times she can drive me mad. Her current obsession? Decorating Barad Eithel for the winter festival (which is still a good month away, Eru) and making plans for some sort of party or other... I do worry. A lot. I will have to have a talk with my woman, once I've finished my correspondence.

*sits down to pen a couple of letters*

Aredhel )

Ereinion )

Fingon )
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Turgon: *approaches his parents as they're finishing their packing* Adar, may I have a moment alone? Sorry, nana.
Fingolfin: *looks to Anaire and nods*
Anaire: *smiles* I will prepare a lunch for our trip, in the kitchens. I shall be back in half of an hour. *leaves*
Fingolfin: *seriously, once she's out of earshot* What is it, Turukano? )

Now where is my woman? We're running late.
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Fingolfin: Findekano.
Fingon: Adar?
Fingolfin: We should talk.
I agree )

Fingolfin: *notices how late it is and goes to check on his wife* An, love?
Anaire: *busy in the kitchen, preparing for her family feast* Oh, husband. Can you reach that platter for me? *points*
Fingolfin: This one? *takes one down*
No, the next. )
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Turgon: *sighs, sucks it up, and finally goes to see ada*
Fingolfin: *sitting in his chamber, with a book*
Turgon: *knocks quietly* Adar?
Fingolfin: Come in, Turukano. Lock the door behind you.
Turgon: *does as instructed* Look, adar... *deep breath*
I don't want to hear it. )
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Fingolfin: Oh, for Aule's sake, woman, what are you doing?
Anaire: I thought the little castles could do that?
Fingolfin: Well, they -can- but now you've made it very easy for me to capture your queen.
Anaire: Right. Shall I move it back? *goes to do so*
Fingolfin: No. *grabs her hand* One touch rule, An.
Feanor: *knocking at their door* )
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You know? I'm impressed. Gondolin is so much quieter and more peaceful than you would expect a city run by my children to be. Especially when there are Feanorians involved. It's not exactly like we gave them warning we were coming, so they didn't have time to "clean up" anything before we arrived.

Maybe they're starting to behave like proper adults?

An said she was going to head off to speak with my brother today. Of course, she's directed me to the kitchens, first. I wonder if Glorfindel is around to make me some of my favourite cookies?
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I've always found dawn to be the best time of day to enjoy the outdoors. As such, I took my horse out this morning for an early ride. As I was out, I noticed the coolness of the air and it occurred to me that we may not have much of this lovely summer weather left to enjoy. Most unfortunate, considering my dislike of winter. I know my children aren't terribly fond of it either. I suppose this is another reason for me to go visit them.

Speaking of family, my dear wife seems to have made a pet of the injured bird she found. It now sits on her shoulder and will eat from her hand. She hasn't named it yet, though I know once she does there'll be no getting rid of it. That woman is too soft-hearted at times.
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I've noticed my lady spending a great deal of time looking out windows to watch the birds. She seems especially fascinated by crows and ravens. In fact, she was so preoccupied by them the other day that she didn't even notice me enter the room until I put my hand on her shoulder. That's not like her.

I wonder what her preoccupation with them is? Why does she watch the carrion birds instead of the lovely song birds or the powerful raptors?

What is going through that strange little mind of hers?

And while my love is distracted by birds, I've been distracted by my own thoughts of my children. I feel as though I should check on them. Eru knows they only get into trouble when left to their own for too long. Hmmn. Yes. I shall have to make a trip to Gondolin in the near future.
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It can be really hard when you realize that someone you care about isn't going to listen to your advice even if it is for the best for them. It's truly not a matter of controlling but of concern.

What is it with young people today that they just don't respect the advice of their elders?
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To our son Fingon,

      After some serious thought and discussion, your mother and I have come to our decision regarding your relationship with your cousin Maitimo. And this is it: we are willing to leave you alone about it so long as you keep it appropriately private.

      This is not an easy decision for us to reach, but taking into consideration the conversation I had with you, I fear it's the best option in this situation. We're not pleased by this nor do we really endorse such behaviour, but since he is only a half-cousin and it is a rather dire matter we've decided to let it slide this once.

      If you cannot be discrete, well, there are ways to keep you separate. Do not force my hand. I'd rather not have to hurt you both, but I will if it is for the greater good.


P.S. Your mother requests that you visit us in the near future.
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So we're back at Eithel Sirion, and I've been giving some serious thought to the conversation I had with Fingon before leaving Gondolin. ) I do need to speak to An, still, but I'm finally starting to know how I feel about all of this... mess. I think. Why couldn't Eru have just blessed us with intelligent, obedient, and well-behaved children instead of my questionable troublemakers?

*sighs* I should find my lady-wife.
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